Download videos and see song’s lyrics on Youtube

Youtube is a vast ocean of videos from all around the world. You can find a video on anything and everything on Youtube. But it only works when you are connected to the internet. What about the time when you are not connected and want to watch your favorite videos. Just simply download your favriote videos on you PC and watch whenever you want. Not only you can download videos from Youtube site but also from any website that embeds Youtube’s video.

There are may good and bad Youtube video downloader available. But, the most reliable is the one by RealTime. To download the RealTime Youtube downloader add-on click the below link. It works perfectly on any browser.

Realtime Youtube Downloader

Once installed, add-on will pop-up on right-top corner of the played video. Just click on it and the downlaod’s starts.


Watching a video of your favorite song on Youtube, and wanted to see the lyrics of the song. If you are lucky to hit on the right video you will get the lyrics uploaded by the uploader. If unlucky, you will then have to search on net for the lyrics , for which either you will have to pause the video or replay it.

Now, how about getting the lyrics of any song in any language right next to the video panel on Youtube. This amazing Youtube add-on will get you the lyrics exactly at the time you want it the most and right next to the played video.


For Google Chrome click here the add-on.

For Firefox chick here for the add-on.