Control the access to your online profiles using this iPhone app


In the previous article I showed how can we see the apps/sites which have access to Google account profile. The ‘MyPermissions’ app on iPhone helps  to keep track of all the apps and sites that have access to your online profiles such as, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Dropbox, Flickr, FourSquare. The app’s interface is simple to use in a most convenient way.


Once you login to the account, two buttons will appear on each of the accounts – APPS and ALERTS. Tap the APPS button to see the list of all the apps/sites that have been permitted access to the account. Tap the ALERTS button, will give you a pop-up screen listing the apps/sites which you have yet to inspect. And if you feel that all listed apps/sites should be permitted access to the account then click ‘TRUST ALL’ button at the bottom of the pop-up screen.


To see which all apps/sites have permission to your online profile, you will have to login to your account. The app will then scans the online profile to determine how many apps/sites have been given the access. In a very simple way the app shows all the apps/sites that has the access. Sometimes the app displays the list of permissions which does fit the phone’s screen, but it not too bad to manage. Select any of the listed apps/sites which you would like to monitor or revoke the access.



MyPermissions does confirms that it is safe and secured. It do not store any of your personal information nor it saves any of the passwords, IP addresses. Also, it do not track, monitors or saves any of your browsing activities.

Overall, it is a good app to keep track of permitting apps/sites to your various online profiles.