Compare multiple time zones


Have you ever had a need to setup a meeting that covers multiple time zones and you wanted to see what is the time of each location? If yes, then read further to know a really smart way of comparing the multiple time zones at once. Sometime back I had to arrange a meeting with participants from Sydney, Los Angeles, London and Mumbai. Yup, all these four are in different timezones.

Initially, I had a bad time doing all the plus and minus on the meeting’s scheduled time to  know the exact time of each location. I searched on the net and found this cool website called It gives a very interactive way of looking at a different timezone on a single screen. But when I wanted to add in a city of my choice , it did not have an add option.


So, I searched further and found WorldTimeBuddy really help me to figure out what is the exact time at each desired location on a particular selected time. Say, if it is 8am in London then what time it will be in Sydney, Mumbai and Los Angeles. It was easy to figure out the difference with just a click.



Some of the amazing features of the site is its simplicity and interactiveness. You can add in as many cities as you want and easily drag – drop to arrange the locations. Select a home location the see the difference in hours for each of the other selected locations just left to the location name. It shows the current week and the date selected. You have a widgets set on your website for the selected schedule.


Schedule meetings using Google calender and Outlook calender. Just click on the desired time. Once done you will see four options on the top – Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, Clipbord and Gmail. Click on any of the calendar of you want to setup a meeting on outlook or Google and share it with you audience.


If you want to mail the selected time then click on the Gmail icon. To save is as a picture just click ClipBoard.


You can even have a link to the selected time section and mail it to your audience. To do this click on the blue LINK TO THIS SECTION. Also, can create an event and sent the event’s long and short link.



To make it even better it has a free iTunes app called World Time Buddy. This make is even more convenient to schedule multiple time zone meeting using Apple’s calendar app.


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