Check where, when and how many times you have been to a location on Android and iPhone via Location History


Have you ever felt the need to clarify to your girlfriend, wife, parents, friend, that you have been to that place or shop or location? Well, in such situation always a witness is required to prove that you have actually been there. With the integration of the Global Positioning System (GPS) and smart phone you do not need that witness. Android’s or iPhone’s location history feature will store the date, time and how many times you have been to a location.

Before we dig in to the actual setup and the steps to know about location history, its important to know how GPS and smartphone works to determine the approximate location of the phone. All smartphones are GPS enabled. This hardware along with the smartphones OS help to determine the location. A smartphone determines the location in a different way from the regular GPS hand handle or the car GPS. The smartphone is connected to the mobile service provider’s network and it is also WiFi enabled. Using these two features. The smartphone uses GPS along with the crowed-sourced WiFis and the mobile service provider’s network tower’s location to determine the approximate location. Everywhere, atleast in the urban areas, there is a network tower and a WiFi hot spot. Well if not the WiFi then there will definitely be a network tower. So, whether you have been to Starbucks or a Subway station or at the lake front, your location is capture at regular intervals, shared and stored in your smartphone.

How to enable location service

iPhone has this location service under the Privacy sub menu option. Open Settings, tap on the Privacy sub menu and switch on the Location Service.

On Android you will the location service under the Connections sub menu. Open Settings, tap on the Connections sub menu and scroll down to switch ON the Location option. On Android you can choose what mode you would prefer to determine the location service –

1. High Accuracy : this will use GPS, WiFi and mobile network tower to determine the location

2. Power saving : uses WiFi and mobile networks to determine the location

3. GPS onle : uses only the GPS to determine the location. Remember using GPS will consume more battery power then WiFi and mobile network tower.

The iPhone do not have these options and so it smart determines which of these services are available to use.

Where to view the location history

Follow the below steps on iPhone –


Once you are in the Frequent Locations section then follow the below steps to check the recent date and time you have been to a location.



The location service is a fantastic mode of knowing the location of a smartphone and so the owner of it. Its been widely used by the law enforcement personnel to catch the bad guys. On a social network front, it is useful to communicate to friends and family about your where about. But there are few disadvantages of it as well when it comes to a persons privacy. People who don’t want their locations to be stored and shared should keep the Location Services OFF. Well, it will help in saving the battery power.


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