Remove ‘Images are not displayed’ message permanently from Gmail and Yahoo mails

  Isn’t that annoying when we don’t see the images for all the mails that you get in your Gmail’s inbox. Every time, to see the images we have to click on Display images below to see the images. By default Gmail and Yahoo never display and external image that comes within the mail. Here […]

Open the search results in a new tab window by default

  We use search engines to almost everything and anything that we want to know in the world. Sometimes, people don’t even take an effort to type the site’s URL in the address bar and directly go to or or or Yup, we have become so mush used to searching rather […]

Add a mail to your primary inbox permenantly on Gmail

  Gmail’s inbox tabs are a great way for organizing your mail. It auto filters personal, promotional, social media alerts, updates and other such mails. By default any mail that is not considered as promotional, social media alerts, updates, forums are listed under the primary tab. All personal mails, that user to user talks, are […]

How to see all the liked pages on Facebook

  More than 1.10 billion users, approximately 50+ million pages, Facebook, the most widely used social network site on the globe. Not only close and far off friends, everyone in the connected world have a Facebook profile. With 50+ million pages, it is almost like an internet in itself, every small and big organization have […]

How to convert Gmail attachments to PDF without a converter

  Just think. You have received an email attachment in a non-PDF format and want to convert it to PDF. The shortest way is to download the doc and use a PDF converter , and the longest way is to download the document, take a printout and scan it to PDF. I don’t think you […]

Remove post images from homepage – Genesis grid loop

  Genesis Framework comes with a interesting feature of ‘Genesis Grid Loop’. You can change the look and feel of the Home page (post page) by tweaking the the Grid Loop code. The Genesis Grid Loop code is given in the home.php file of your child theme.   To remove the images that appear with […]