This one quick tip can free up space on your iPhone

  Ran out of memory space on your iPhone. Its a really serious issue, when there is not much space left on your iPhone to add in your favorite songs, app, photos. There are external hard drives which can extend the capacity of your iPhone and to know more about such check this article.  But […]

How to remove Facebook birthday events from appearing on iOS Calendar

  The iOS calendar app is of good used, especially when you are using to schedule your daily events, meetings, tasks. If you are using it extensively then to see additional stuffs such as Birthday entries may also show up and which could consume more space on the limited phone screen. The worst thing is […]

Find the current location of the contact using iMessage

  iOS 8, as confirmed by Apple is the most heaviest and advanced iOS version release till date. Well, the installation was so heavy that it required atleast 4 GB of free space on the device. With the release of iOS 8, Apple have introduced a lot many new features. Some of the distinct and […]

Check where, when and how many times you have been to a location on Android and iPhone via Location History

  Have you ever felt the need to clarify to your girlfriend, wife, parents, friend, that you have been to that place or shop or location? Well, in such situation always a witness is required to prove that you have actually been there. With the integration of the Global Positioning System (GPS) and smart phone […]

Store and View Maps Offline on iPhone [Google Maps]

  Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing Maps  – among all these Google Maps would be the most used maps app on any smart phone. Be it iPhone iOS, Android, Google maps is used for getting to a place or checking out at a restaurant or just browsing a new place. But the access to Google […]

How to play video in background on iOS7

Since the release of iOS7 playing videos in background is not possible when using the iOS video app. But using this simple trick we can play the video in background and continue doing other tasks or even lock the phone as well. Well, there are two major ways through with people watch videos, the first […]

How to make an email address as VIP on iPhone

  Have you missed to see an important mail of your boss or did you missed the reminder to renewal domain of the blog you created? I do miss to see few of the really important mails which I wished I had read it earlier. To make sure that you do not miss any single […]

Remind others by sharing your reminder note

  Forgot to pick up milk on the back to home, forgot to tell your friend to get that movie DVD, or forgot to remind your wife to make a special dish she promised :-). Wished for a personal assistant to keep a track of your to-dos, isn’t it? Busy life may distract you and […]

Expand storage capacity of your wireless device

  Last month was Halloween and I attended three different parties, one at the school of my child, the apartment were we live in and last was at a friends place. Taking pictures was the most essential and important task of the day. I am not a guy who’s interested in taking lots of pictures, […]

Take Panoramic photos from both the directions on iOS7

  Many cool and new features have been introduced when Apple released iOS7 for iProducts. One of the app that they enhanced in iOS7 is the Camera App. 2 new features were added – Square and Panorama photos. Here’s a quick and simple trick to take the panoramic photos from both the sides – left […]