Get “reminder to leave” from Google Maps

Google maps is to be the best location and travel GPS based app which is useful for travelers across the globe. Its easy to use and easy to modify on the go. However, a frequent traveler like a sales representative officer who have to visit multiple places in a day in a new city, a […]

How to swipe and delete emails on Inbox app by Google

Google’s Inbox app makes it more simple to categories and track the emails. To a much extent the Inbox app is better then the Gmail app. It does everything like the Gmail app but faster. Well, this on this article I dont want to compare Gmail app to the Inbox app. But to give you […]

Two new ad sizes from Google Adsense

  We look for the best ad unit size in adsense which can display a good ad content and should be eye catching. The best size of the ad unit really depends on the website’s layout. Netians around the world keep a constant demand of bigger and better ad units. Keeping the public demand Google […]

Easiest way to add Google Adsense Ads on your website

  Its has become easy to start earning from a website with minimum investment you can earn well. That’s why it is call a passive income. Meaning, without putting in much effort you can have steady earning. Google adsense is the one of the easiest ways of start getting some revenue from your website. Check […]

How many Google Adsense Ads allowed on a web page

  Google adsense setup is one of the very first thing any new bee blogger will do. Why cant be, it is the best and the most easiest way to start earning dollars from a website. But there is a misconception to many site owners that only  3 Google ads should be see at any […]

Store and View Maps Offline on iPhone [Google Maps]

  Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing Maps  – among all these Google Maps would be the most used maps app on any smart phone. Be it iPhone iOS, Android, Google maps is used for getting to a place or checking out at a restaurant or just browsing a new place. But the access to Google […]

Ignore an email conversation in Gmail

  We receive lots of email every hour , like spams, forum updates, conversations, advertisements, etc. Did you ever lost interest in reading an email conversation which is ongoing for days but still wants to receive it. If yes, then there is a way in Gmail to temporarily ignore the conversation. This Gmail feature is […]

Remove ‘Images are not displayed’ message permanently from Gmail and Yahoo mails

  Isn’t that annoying when we don’t see the images for all the mails that you get in your Gmail’s inbox. Every time, to see the images we have to click on Display images below to see the images. By default Gmail and Yahoo never display and external image that comes within the mail. Here […]

Track the latest happening on your Niche Keyword

  Searching a niche topic is a difficult task. If you have found a niche topic then the next step is creating the website and finding the latest stuffs related to niche for the prospective articles. If you follow the traditional approach to know the latest happenings on the niche then you have every day […]

How to manage Google history

  You have been searching a lot on Google search or might be searching for a place to go on the maps or checking on the shortest route to an unknown destination. You have been doing all these things over the net for so many years on Google and its apps, and all these is […]