Build Survey using Google Forms


At some point in time many of us might have organized a party or a get-to-gather and would have realized a need of a simple but strong way of know the head count attending, the food choice, etc. How tedious it becomes if you have to send mails to all and then monitor each mail’s inputs to fill up a spreadsheet with the various choices. Well how about a tool that helps you to create a survey which can be shared to all the eligible participants, fed their choices to an excel sheet and give you the statistics of the inputs/choices.

Google have a very simple and intuitive solution for this and the application is called Google forms. Initially, it came along with the Google Docs but later become a part of Google drive as Docs was retired. It is a great way of collecting information for any event that you are organizing. Be it a party, conference, get to gather, Forms are very handy.

Benefits of using Google Forms for making surveys –

  • Free – Its free for all.
  • Unlimited – create any number of surveys.
  • Accessibility – the surveys can be accessed on all devices – PC, tablet, smart phones. As it is available in Google Drive, it can be maintained from any device connected to internet.
  • Sharable – share it with all. Your distribution list should not be restricted to only Google account. The survey can be mailed to all with an email id.
  • Collaborate – in other words co-authoring. Allow others to updated the survey. Multiple people can update the form simultaneously.
  • Embed – The survey form can be seen in the survey mail. You don;t have to click any like to navigate to other page for filling up the form. This is possible only if the receiver have a Gmail account. If not then a link will be provided in the survey mail which will take to the form for fill-up.

Lets get started for building up the survey.

1. Use your Gmail account to navigate to Google Drive and create a new Form by clicking “Create -> Forms”.

2. Next you will asked to name your survey. In this example we will use ‘ Get2Gather’.


3. Next create your form by filling up the question. Google provides many types of questioning – Text, Multiple Choice, Check Box, Choose from list, Scale, Grid, Date  and Time.



Lets say, first we will put a multiple choice for selecting Venue. Second question will be a drop down to select Food Preference, third question will be again a drop down to select number of Family Members and last we will have a text box for people to put in suggestions.


4. Click ‘Send Form’ on the upper right corner to share the survey with other. Keyin the email address.


5. To embed the form in the mail check yes to ‘Include form in email’.

6. You can see the survey received as shown below. Once anyone fill the survey and click on the submit button a new screen is shown confirming that the survey have been submitted.



7. As said earlier, the best thing about Google Forms is that you can store the inputs received directly to the spreadsheet document on your Google Drive. Google automatically creates and feds the inputs to the spreadsheet. To setup this feature click “Choose response destination -> New Spreadsheet -> Create”.



Below seen is the response received for the Get2Gather survey.


If the response goes in multiple rows, the Summary option can be used to see the summary of the all the option on a pie chart. For this drop down the ‘Responses’ menu and select “Summary of response”.



Google Forms is an excellent free tool to create unlimited surveys to get more feedback then the regular process of mailing and receiving mail response. The only drawback I see is that the form can only be seen on Gmail accounts whereas on non Gmail mail services only the link is available.

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