Bookmark a page and highlight text on iBooks

iBooks is a great tool to access and read books. Organizing your favorte book and accessing them anywhere at anytime have become more easy. Use the below tips to make reading more interesting and fun on iBooks.

How to Bookmark a page.

1. Open iBooks and open an eBook.

2. Go to the page which you want to bookmark.

3. Click the bookmark icon on the right top corner.

4. To access already bookmarked page – go to the TOC (the icon with 3 dots and 3 lines) and select Bookmark icon. This will show you all the pages that you have bookmarked.




How to highlight text.

1. Open iBooks and select an eBook.

2. Tap and hold for 2 sec.

3. Drag the anchors to select the text.

4. Tap the selected text to see a popup menu.

5. The menu will show you option to copy the text, add a note, search over net or even look up for a words meaning on the dictionary.

6. On the popup menu select Highlight, which will show a sub menu options to –  color the text, underline the text, or add a note.