7 Minutes & Nutrition tips










With the busy work schedules it gets difficult to keep up with the exercise routine.  For all the busy bees, this app will help you stick to the basic exercise that your body needs. Published in NYTimes, this scientifically proven 12 exercises gives your body all the things which you could get from a long run and a visit to gym.  Each of these exercises consumes only 30 seconds with a 10 seconds of break in-between and you just have to spend 7 minutes from your schedule. Personally, I like these exercises because for a geek like me who spends most of the working hours (and also off work hours) siting in front of the computer, it not only pump up the blood circulation but it also helps strengthen your back, legs, shoulders.  Download the app and start your workouts today.


10-step Nutrition Program









Along with your daily workouts it is also important to keep a watch on what you intake. The 10-Step  Nutrition Program app lists all the important things that you need to know about the food that you eat. It has tips on food habits, what you need to eat and how much, the nutritional value of veggies & fruits, key sources of protein, things that you need to avoid to stay fit and much more.



Foodle – Nutrition Facts









Foodle gives you the information on food items in more detail. It lists the food under a particular category. You can check on the calories, cholesterol contents, carbohydrates contents, the percentage of each vitamin and minerals, water contents. Click here to see more information on this app.