DocScan & ExpandIt






Ever went into a situation where your office scanner is out of order and you need to urgently scan and send a document. Well, DocScan has the solution for you.

DocScan uses your iPhone / iPad camera to take the image of the document to be scanned. It automatically detects the edges of the document, adjusts the resolution  and distortion of the image, updates the sharpness and resolution of the image, rotate it, change the color settings, make it black & white, change the image aspect ratio, and savesit in a PDF format.

DocScan can use any of the photos from the iPhone library and convert it to PDF format.

You can store the document on your phone, print it, fax it, email it or upload to cloud servers. When you have multiple documents to be scanned , create a folder to organizethe documents.






A completely new concept in gaming. ExpandIt takes you to the era of dinosaurs. But that’s just the beginning, in ExpandIt there are primitive creatures : The Rainbow Dino. These dino’s will expand with each tap and the target is to reach the rainbow on the top before getting killed. You will enjoy the funny faces of these dinos.

The amazing physics oriented puzzles, will make you think and decide on to which dino to tap first and expand. Roll , fall, drive and burst – only by mastering the perfect strategy you can make the dino reach the rainbow.

This strategy game with its retina display and fine animation will make you addicted to it. Get it now and enjoy!!!