Subway Surf and Yahoo Weather


Subway Surf, its one of the most addictive game on the device. It has amazing colorful graphics and HD display for a perfect gaming experience.

Help Jake to escape from the train Inspector and run as fast as you can. Collect gold coins, jump and roll over the barriers, climb the subway trains and jump from one train to another, dodge the trains, collect specials to get rewarded with Hover-board and much more. If you get caught the inspector will carry you on his shoulders.

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Yahoo is famous for its accurate weather forecast and it recently released its new weather app. The main and attractive feature of the app is along with showing the weather forecast it also displays stunning and beautiful pictures of the listed city. It does not end there, the pictures match the weather along with the time of the day. Its the best weather app I have seen till date.

Features –

  • Current and 5 days minimum and maximum.
  • Wind and Pressure.
  • Few lines describing the weather condition.
  • Interactive Map of the city with views – radar, satellite, heat and wind
  • Precipitation.
  • It shows Sun set and Sun rise time with a cool animation.

Click here to see it on iTunes.