FallDown! and WiFi Transfer



Wireless Transfer on iPhone and PC.

PC image




Transfer photos to any device connected to same wireless network with WiFi Transfer. Download and start the app on your iPhone. The app will give an address – IP address and port. Key in this to the browser on you PC and you will be able to access all your iPhone’s photos on the PC. Select multiple photos and hit download. It can be password protected to restrict access. No need of cables, transfer photos wireless.

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FallDown! 2, takes the addictive game to a next level. With the high definition graphics and new user touch control, the game is more enjoyable. Fall the ball down as fast as possible to avoid it getting burned by the laser. Collect start  and dodge bombs on the way down. Collect the additional features of the ball on the way down to fall in a new way. By far, the game is amazing.

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