Add a mail to your primary inbox permenantly on Gmail


Gmail’s inbox tabs are a great way for organizing your mail. It auto filters personal, promotional, social media alerts, updates and other such mails. By default any mail that is not considered as promotional, social media alerts, updates, forums are listed under the primary tab. All personal mails, that user to user talks, are considered to be most important and are listed under primary tab. The primary tab is displayed first when you open Gmail.

Sometimes you may want to see some of the mails that fall under the updates tab in to the primary tab, like the reminder that I get from the car rent company, reminder of the online purchases, and such mails. I found a way to permanently move such mails to the primary tab and also to get any such mails in the primary tab in future. Here is how to do that.


1. When you open the Gmail, locate the mail that you want to permanently move to the primary tab.


2. Hold the mail and drag it to the primary tab. When you do that the mail will be moved to the primary tab but you will also get a message on the top of the window to UNDO the movement or to keep it permanent.



3. Click UNDO to move back the mail to its original tab. But if you want to make the move permanent and have all future such mail in the primary tab then click YES.


Well I gave an example of moving the mail permanently to primary tab, but the same process can be used to move mails permanently to other tabs as well.

That’s it. Going ahead all such mails will be listed under the primary tab.

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