About us


Founded in 2013, the primary focus of Technek is to deliver the latest in technology and technological gadgets of the digital world in a how-to approach, and also brings you the latest happenings and news.



People Behind Technek


Hitesh Kantharia


Hitesh holds a masters degree in computer application and is working in a MNC. His passion to know about the latest in the digital and internet technology, that inspired to become a professional blogger.


email : hiteshvk@technek.com



Sunaina Chadha

Marketing Chief

Sunaina holds a master degree in business management (marketing) and have extensive experience in the field. Sunaina brings with her the edge to make Technek popular and known in the digital world.


email: sunainachadha@technek.com


Raunek Kantharia

Chief Editor

Raunek is a marine engineer turned maritime writer and professional blogger. After a brief stint at the sea, dedicated his full time to the maritime writing. Founded  MarineInsight.com in 2010, a popular website which focuses in delivering varied aspects of the marine world.  He also writes for a number of maritime magazines and websites.


email: raunekvk@technek.com