5 Quick tips for Gmail to Increase Efficiency


Email, the world cannot live without, is the most fast and easiest mode of communication across the world. No matter what the experts say, email ‘was’ , ‘is’ and ‘will be’ the best way of communicating to the world.

Among all the email services on the web, Gmail is the most widely used. Google Lab Apps and Addons makes using Gmail easy and efficient. For a person who uses Gmail once a day to a person who cant miss a single email, these are the five Lab Apps and Addons.


1. Message Sneak Peek

With this Google Lab application you can see your email without opening it. Go to Google Labs on your Settings and search for ‘Message Sneak Peek’. Enable it and hit Save Settings. Go to your Inbox and right click on any of the email. The pop-up window will appear showing the email contents.

Message Sneak

2. Google Maps previews in mail

Now no need to copy the address and paste search it on the Google Maps. With this Google Lab application you can see the map preview of all the address that appear in your email. Follow the same step as you did for ‘Message Sneak Peek’ for enabling the ‘Google Maps Preview in mail’.

3. Text a message to your Gmail chat friends

Your friend is only but not responding to your chat pings, send him a test message on his mobile phone. Enable the ‘SMS in Chat’ on the Google Labs. Now you can see a option for ‘Send SMS’ appears along with standard options of Google chat. Click on it and it will ask for setting up the mobile phone number. Once done you are ready to text. Remember, this feature is enabled for only selective mobile service providers.

SMS4. You’ve got mail

Its not the movie that I am talking about. Infact, its the classic AOL email voice notification – “you’ve got mail”. Now you can get the similar voice to notify you whenever you receive a new mail. This add-on is currently available on Google Chrome only. Visit Google Chrome Store. Search and install “You’ve got mail” add-on for Gmail. That’s it. You will be notified with the classic voice message when ever you receive a new mail.

5. Right Inbox

Have you anytime had a need to send a mail at a later time? With the standard Gmail options its not possible. But it is possible to queue your emails and send it at a later time. To have this feature go to RightInbox.com or search and install Right Inbox from Chrome Store. After installing, Compose an email. On the Compose window you will see an option of ‘Send Later’. Click on it and chose the time at which you want to send to email. All the ‘Send Later’ emails will be seen in the Draft folder of your mailbox, with the selected date and time shown. This add-on is very useful when you want send the email at a particular time.



6. Enable Keyboard Shortcuts

I personally don’t like to take my hands off the keyboard, especially when writing an email. The Gmail keyboard shortcuts are very helpful and time saving. To activate it go to Gmail Settings and select ‘Keyboard Shortcuts on’ on the General Settings. To know the list of useful keyboard shortcuts buttons click on the `Learn more` option under the heading `Keyboard Shortcuts`.