4 Apps for managing PDFs on Google Drive


The credit goes to Adobe System for giving us the Portable Document Format, the PDF format file. Initially, PDF was controlled by Adobe Systems until it was made free of charge to the world in 1993. Since then many applications/software have been released to manage PDFs and eradicating the need of  a licensed software for managing the PDFs. Not only that, with the introduction of cloud computing the need of have an installed software is itself eradicated.

Google Drive is by far the most used cloud service. It has many apps for managing the PDF document. Lets have a look at 4 apps of Google drive for managing PDFs.

How to create a PDF document without using Apps

First, let us see at creating a PDF document on Google drive. Google have given a very superb function of converting any kind of document to PDF. Say, you have a Google word document and want to convert it to a PDF file. Follow these steps for converting a document to PDF :

1. Go to your document and right click on it -> click Downloads…


2. On the next screen from the drop down menu select PDF and click ‘Download’. This will download the document as PDF to your local hard drive.


Isn’t that simple and quick. Whether it is existing document that you want to convert to a PDF or you want a PDF document, use the conversion function to get the PDF. Remember, the reverse is not possible on Google drive, that is converting PDF to Document.

Split a PDF file

Say, you have a  PDF file on your Google drive but want to split it into two. Download the app ‘PDFSplit’ to your Google drive. In this example, I have a PDF file with 4 pages and I want two PDFs one from 1-2 pages and the other from 3-4 pages.

1. Right click on the PDF file -> go to Open With -> Select PDFSplit. This will open the www.splitpdf.com website.


2. Provide the page number 1 and 2 in the PAGES box and click Split! You will have a PDF file for 1st and 2nd pages ready for download.


Similarly do it for the 3-4 pages.


Merge two or more PDF files

Now, how about merging two PDF files in one. It is very useful when you have two or more forms in a PDF file format and want to merge it to a single form. Download the ‘PDF Mergy’ app and follow the below steps.

1. On the Google drive click ‘Create’ followed by PDF Mergy.


2. This open a window where you select PDF files needs to be merged. Click Select. This will open a new window showing the selected files. Then click ‘Merge’


Lock a PDF file using password

Alright now let us make the PDF file secured with a password. To do this download PDF Protect. To put a password on any PDF document –

1. Right click the file and ‘Open with’ PDF Protect. This will open www.pdfprotect.net. Key in your selected password and click ‘Protect!’.



That’s it. Do let me know if you find the above information useful and if you have any better apps for PDFs on G Drive.

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