3 Apps I use to work on articles on-the-go


Millions of websites on the Internet and having trillions of articles. How do people find so much of time to write and where do they get ideas on what to write? I too had this questions before I started with this and other website. The answer is simple, by reading stuffs on the internet. A bloggers life is busy, especially when he/she has to maintain 2 or more sites in parallel. Often, we think of topics to write for when we are commuting or chatting with friends. In such situation the first thing a blogger does is to note the topic and check on related contents to make sure if its worthy writing.

Personally, this is what I need to write an article – (1) reference to related material or articles (2) jot down pointers to expand it later (3) store images or edit stored images. Sitting at home or office in front of the computer the above is easy , but it becomes difficult to do when commuting. Below are the three apps which will help working on those crucial thoughts.

Reading on-the-go

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Pocket is the best app we can find for offline reading of articles. The app stores the articles in the same way as it is seen on the respective website and there is no limit on the storage capacity. Not only articles it can also store Videos and Images for later view. The app segregates these types of items in each folder for easy organization.

It is simple to store the articles, videos or images to Pocket. Just the mail link to add@getpocket.com from the inbox which was used for Pocketès registration. This give flexibility to move in any article from wherever and whenever required. Pocket has more than 300 apps which allows direct linking and storing the article. Some of the apps that allow direct link to Pocket are – Twitter, Reeder, Flipboard, Pulse.

Text Editing on-the-go

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Office Plus is what I use for editing on iPad or iPhone. It is Microsoft product and with a payment of around $ 6 we can get a licensed app with full editing functionality. If you have some spare time during your commute to write articles, then I would recommend Office Plus. It allows to do all the basic editing stuff  which are available on the desktop MS word, Excel, Presentation. Another option is to use the Quick Office. It is available free on the App Store. Quick Office also gives the best editing tools at the basic level.

Image editing on-the-go

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What does an article require, a good writeup and attractive and meaningful images. Now, on iPhone we can download images , and also using Pocket we can store the image for future viewing. Editing an image is possible on iPhone and one of best image editing free app is Adobe PhotoShop Express and PicShop Photo editor. These two are one of the best editing tools. It has all the basic features which we need for basic editing of an image.

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